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newest painting completed March 1st
newest painting completed March 1st

State & A Bar Grill on Thursday, April 1st from 5pm - 8pm.

April's "First Thursday" Art Show with yours truly, once again

New Work will be shown!!!  March has been a very productive painting month.  Lots of inspiration.  Come check out my new paintings and say "hi".  Oh, and feel free to bring a checkbook.  Artists do need to eat.  :)

Welcome to my website

I started painting as a child, my mom dragging me to this class and that, (thanks, Mom), and it stuck.  I was always interested in music and acting and fooled around with that a bit.


I have to admit, traveling and adventuring has taken a front seat for me, much of my life, with art as only a by-product in terms of production, but I am completely influenced by all things ocean.  I am an avid shell collector, or addict as I have often been told, and make every effort to take nothing that is living. I have spent time cruising on a boat in the Bahamas, Florida, Louisiana, Alabama and Mississippi. While living on my boat at anchor, I started putting together the shells, coral, sponges, sea fans, driftwood I had gathered into sculptures representing underwater reefs.  I love! making them.  Each one takes about a week to do, as they are giant puzzles to put together, but well worth the finished piece in my own, absolutely humble opinion.


It was while I was living in New Orleans that I first discovered glassblowing and was so transformed over the course of a weekend that my boyfriend, returning from a weekend out of town, thought that I had begun an affair!  The feeling I have for glass has always been one of absolute enrapture.  I am now working with glass fusing, there is a photo of an underwater piece I just completed for my niece, so it is not available for sale, but commissions will be accepted!


I have always been interested in subtle forms of energy, I have a very active visual experience when my eyes are closed, even before any mind-altering drugs. :)  September, 2008, I began trying to paint some of the things I see while my eyes are closed, and my recent work is a combination of that and abstract images I photograph from nature.  I find that in painting abstracts I am completely filled with energy, and I love it.  I do much less figurative work now, as I find the abstract work much more fulfilling.

Some Blown Glass Pieces

Click on the bowl to go to my flickr site.

First Thursday Art Show on March 4th

A few photos form the First Thursday Show

I will be showing my work at State & A beginning with the March "First Thursday", on March 4th, from 5pm - 8pm.   The show will be up all of March.  State & A is a great place!  There will be Hors d'Oeuvres and wine available for purchase.   Come on by.... 





Friends and Family Art Show

I am in a show opening on December 4th, from 5-7PM at the Harris and Fredda Meilse Gallery of Art located at 2415 De La Vina, at the Cottage Rehab Hospital.  

Three generations of my family will be displaying their work!  Wine and Hors d'Oeuvres will be served.  The show runs until February 8.  Would love to see you all there.

My relationship with shells
My relationship with shells
Painted then Fused Glass Triptych installed on wooden panel
Painted then Fused Glass Triptych installed on wooden panel